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Answers to Parents' Questions on Mental Retardation

Resource Guide 9

Clinicians from Children's Hospital Boston answer basic questions parents may have about mental retardation (MR). Includes national and New England resources.

The 30-Day Placement Plan: A Road Map to Employment (updated 2011)

Institute Brief 21

There are many steps to finding and getting the right job, and this process can be challenging. Many job seekers have found that breaking the job search down into a series of small, workable tasks makes the process much more manageable. It also gives the job seeker a sense of accomplishment when each task is completed. A 30-Day Placement Plan is one way to keep tasks in order.

Making Networking Easier for Job Seekers: A Guide

Institute Brief 20

Networking is considered the most effective way to find a good job. However, sometimes people find networking difficult. This brief addresses common reasons why people might not be comfortable and offers possible solutions. Particular concern is paid to differences between cultures.

Getting the Most from the Public Vocational Rehabilitation System

Tools for Inclusion 19

Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency that is designed to help individuals with disabilities meet their employment goals. Vocational rehabilitation agencies assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, get, keep, or regain employment. This publication answers questions frequently asked by individuals with disabilities. For consumers.

Guide to Accessible Transportation in Bristol and Plymouth Counties (Massachusetts)

Resource Guide 7

This guide concentrates on transportation operating through the Greater Attleboro/Plymouth/Onset and New Bedford/Fall River areas of Southeastern Massachusetts. Thirty-five private transportation providers, four public transit providers, three paratransit providers, and two commuter rail systems are included, as well as nine hotels/motels. The information was compiled by Donna Kulpa as part of the Barbara Wilensky Gopen Memorial Fellowship.

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