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Academic programs at ICI

ICI runs several educational programs through the University of Massachusetts Boston and Children's Hospital. Options include master's degrees in visual impairments, fellowships for disability advocates, a doctorate in special education and disability policy, and graduate training for future developmental disabilities leaders.

Disability policy

These briefs and papers analyze laws that affect people with disabilities and the disability service system. ICI has recently focused on the Workforce Investment Act, the Ticket to Work, and Social Security and Medicaid regulations. Other publications examine the effect of policy changes on state agencies.

Diversity & disability

The service system has traditionally faced challenges connecting to people with disabilities from immigrant and minority communities. ICI projects and publications focus on ways to build relationships and develop services that are culturally sensitive, respectful, and effective.

Education & transition

These projects and publications cover the important steps that need to happen as teenagers with disabilities move towards adulthood. Several initiatives work with teachers to reach all students in school. ICI is especially known for its work in person-centered planning.

Employer issues

ICI works with employers to help them tap into the growing workforce of people with disabilities. For national and Massachusetts resources on diversity, demographics, hiring, laws, and health care, visit ForEmployers.com.

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Employment data

ICI has collected data on day and employment services since 1988 and is recognized as an important source of disability research. These research briefs, policy papers, monographs, and case studies describe key findings as services and outcomes change.

Employment success stories

Real people, real jobs

ICI's website Real People, Real Jobs: Stories from the front line highlights the employment successes of people with Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities who are working in paid jobs within their communities.

Health care

ICI staff affiliated with Children's Hospital Boston have created several publications regarding services for children and youth with special health care needs. Parents, health care providers, school nurses, and youth themselves can use this information.

Job search/career advancement

A large part of the resources developed at ICI focus on ways people with disabilities can find and keep jobs. Our research-tested methods put the job seeker in the driver's seat, respecting their individual choices while building a good relationship with an employer. Some materials are written for job seekers and some for professionals and other helpers.

National/community service

Visit the National Service Inclusion Project to learn about ICI's work advancing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate as volunteers and service members in AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and Learn and Serve America.

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One-Stop Centers/workforce

ICI has pioneered activities to help the general employment system reach job seekers with disabilities through comprehensive research, training, and consultation activities nationwide.

Organizational change

As public opinion and legal guidelines change, more and more organizations serve people with disabilities in the community instead of sheltered programs. ICI has spent many years working with these organizations to find the best way forward into inclusive employment.


ICI emphasizes the right of people with disabilities to dream and pursue their own education and employment goals. Our materials guide consumers and professionals so that these goals drive job searches and transition plans.

Social Security/benefits

Health care and financial benefits can make a big difference in a person's quality of life. However, requirements-- and perceptions-- can also stand in the way of a person's career goals. Written for a range of audiences, ICI materials explain options to keep benefits while working and also examine the policies themselves.

State systems & employment

Several ICI projects focus on ways state service agencies promote inclusion and participation for people with disabilities. Topics include trends data, policy analysis, case studies, and how-to materials for agencies undergoing change.

Training events

Keep updated on ICI training opportunities in New England and nationwide. Areas of focus include job development, benefits planning, and working with people from diverse backgrounds. Community rehabilitation providers and independent living center staff can access targeted workshops through the New England TACE Center (Region 1).

Also: Visit the New England TACE Center (Region 1) Calendar.

Vision impairments

The Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education at UMass Boston is New England's only academic center for preparing Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments and Orientation and Mobility Specialists, two key specialties that help people with visual impairments achieve their goals of high-quality education, employment, and independent travel.

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