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Complete ICI Staff list

Institute for Community Inclusion

Melissa Alford

Research Study Coordinator

Brenda Atkins

Program Assistant

Quinn Barbour

Marketing and Communications Outreach Specialist

Lauren C. Berman

Director of Social Work, LEND Program
Adjunct Faculty, Boston University School of Social Work

Heike Boeltzig-Brown

Senior Research Associate & Program Developer

Jennifer Bose

Research Data Coordinator

Molly Boyle

Universal Design Specialist
Project Coordinator

Laura Bozeman

Associate Prof./Director: Vision Studies

John Butterworth

Director of Employment Systems Change and Evaluation Senior Research Fellow

Carole Carlson

Training Associate

Yvonne Carter

Employment Specialist

Jeff Coburn

Web Services Manager

Allison Cohen Hall

Research Associate

Lori Cooney

Project Coordinator & Universal Instructional Design Specialist

Andrea Cooper

Employment Specialist

Julisa Cully

Knowledge Translation Program Director

Daria Domin

Research Associate

Jill Eastman

Program Coordinator-Employment Services

Lara Enein-Donovan

Training Associate/Program Coordinator

Sheila Fesko

Program Manager

Karen Flippo

Senior Technical Assistance Specialist

Susan Foley

Senior Research Fellow

Paul Foos

Web Developer

Suzzanne Freeze

Project Manager

Cecilia Gandolfo

Program Director

Meg Grigal

Co-Director, Think College - Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Community Inclusion

Kelly Haines

Research Associate

Debra Hart

Educational Coordinator

David Helm

ICI/UCEDD Director of Interdisciplinary Training
ICI/LEND Program Coordinator
ICI/PMU Co-Principle Investigator
Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard School of Public Health, Dept of Society, Health, and Human Development

David Hoff

Program Director

Nicholas Holz

Training Associate II

Nancy Hurley

Training Associate

Mark Hutchinson

Research Study Assistant

Sheila Johnson

Melanie Jordan

Training Associate

Theodora Kamenidis

Employment Specialist

Jessica Keenoy

Training Associate II

Jon Keleher

Administrative Assistant

William Kiernan

Dean, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development

John Kramer

Research Associate

Cady Landa

Research and Policy Associate

Rebecca Lazo

Knowledge Translation Associate II

Angela Lombardo

Coordinator, Down Syndrome Program
Coordinator, Linking Hands Program
LEND Family Faculty

Oliver Lyons

Research Study Coordinator

Joe Marrone

Senior Program Manager for Public Policy

Bob McCulley

Director, Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education
Faculty, Special Education, UMass Boston

Pam McFarland

Database Manager

Neil McNeil

Program Manager

Alberto Migliore

Research Associate

Maggie Mode

Kerim Munir

Maria Paiewonsky

Transition Specialist

Judy Palfrey

Clare Papay

Senior Research Associate

Sarah Paterson

Operations Manager

Stephanie Porter

Director of Clinical Services

Berenise Reyes-Albino

Events Coordinator

Frank A. Smith

Research Associate

Sandy (Alexandra) Smith

Professional Development Curriculum Coordinator for NERCVE

Paula Sotnik

Project Director

Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski

Senior Research Associate

Ludwik S. Szymanski

Director Emeritus: Psychiatry, Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Miwa Tanabe

Program Coordinator II

David Temelini

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cindy Thomas


Jaimie Ciulla Timmons

Research Associate

Alvaro Tobar

Instructional Media Manager

Anya Weber

Copywriter and Editor

Cate Weir

Project Coordinator

Jean E. Winsor

Research Associate

Ashley Wolfe

Research Liaison

Agnieszka Zalewska

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities