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What's this page about?

I am glad you ask that question. The point is access to video you guys use no matter where you are, which is pretty cool. You could play them anywhere, at a conference, or at coffee shop to support your training needs, provided you have Internet access. Last, but not least: COLLABORATION. See what other teams use, some of those videos could help your own training!

Videos are organized by Team.

To view these training videos Quicktime 5 or later is required. Click on the image below to get the free plug in.

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Introduction to Customized Employment (6:14)


Nemasket PCP (9:47)
Facilitating workforce support (14:44)

The F.A.T. city workshop series

Frustration, Anxiety, Tension. The F.A.T. city workshop (8:25)
Processing (5:14)
Risk taking (2:14)
VIsual perception (6:49)
Reading comprehension (4:10)
Effect of perception on behavior (4:21)
Visual motor coordination (2:54)
Oral expression (10:28)
Reading and decoding (7:58)
Auditory and visual capabilities (2:44)
Fairness (5:20)


Speech reading (9:09)

The Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities

Introduction (3:59)
I. Speak directly to the person rather than through a companion or sign language interpreter (1:40)
II. Always offer to shake hands when introduced (1:00)
III. Always identify yourself when meeting somebody who is blind (2:09)
IV. If you offer assistance, wait until the offer is accepted (1:25)
V. Treat adults as adults (2:11)
VI. Do not lean against or hang on someone's wheelchair or cart (1:47)
VII. Listen attentively when talking with people who have difficulty speaking (1:42)
VIII. Place yourself at eye level when speaking with someone in a wheelchair, or on crutches (1:22)
IX. Tap a person who is deaf on the shoulder, or wave your hand to get his her attention (1:40)
X. Relax, don't be embarrassed if you happen to use common expressions (3:26)


More like a dance Series

Building the process (5:15)
Building a profile (0:56)
Forming a vision (4:30)
Ongoing networking (9:32)

Instructional Technology

How to insert a movie in PPT? Easy, take a look..
Exercise: Negotiation process (4:12)


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