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These tools are meant to improve our abilities to deliver effective and interactive courses, workshops, and other training activities. When you decide to use any of these tools, we recommend that you consult with our team to define how best they can serve your instructional needs and those of your clients.

Disability is an essential part of our instructional design effort. It is your responsibility as designer to take the initiative to make technologies more accessible, but we can help.

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Here are some tools available at ICI:


Tool name: Ivocalize
Role: web conference and training
Description: Ivocalize is a learning tools capable of providing interaction among students and course instructors. It allows the instructor to deeply content, sent images, and talk to the audience.
Access: ICI has access to 100 seats in two virtual to deliver courses using Ivocalize.
Provider: UMass Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education (NERCVE)

Other important features:

• Real-time, multi-point VoIP Voice Conferencing
• Synchronized Power Point and Web Browsing
• Presentation Recording: voice, text, web pages and slides
• Cross Platform: supports Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
• Brandable user interface: Your Logo and program icon
• Full Unicode support -- Translations in 13 languages
• Scales to thousands of participants in a single room
• Professional control panel with email form letters
• Moderated text messaging with searchable Blog
• Firewall & proxy server friendly
• Integrated Browser Favorites
• Configurable window layout and color scheme
• Individual user accounts and passwords

Contact Alvaro Tobar for more information and to get access to Ivocalize
See a screen shot of the moderator's screen in IVocalize

Enter green room: as student - as instructor
Enter yellow room: as student -as instructor

Expert systems*, tutorials, interactive presentations, and Macromedia Breeze
see macromedia breeze accessibility

instructional technology center at umb logo

Tool name: Macromedia Breeze (just call me Breeze)

Role: create narrated Power Point presentations and more SEE EXAMPLE

To request an click here to request an account

Potential use
: mostly instruction, with emphasis on self-paced tutorials, online presentations. At ICI we are exploring its use to build expert systems, a decision-making tool that can be programmed to fit user interaction.

At ICI, we are starting to use breeze to create tutorials and online presentations. The driving force behind the use of breeze is user interaction and self-paced learning. Breeze allows the user to narrate slides, add surveys, and quizzes.

* expert systems are decision making tools that can be used to help learners make informed decisions. Expert systems can be built with power point and tranfered to Breeze to maximize user interaction. Please contact me for more info.


Video Tutorials

Whenever you deliver online content users require audio and visual aids. Why not create a movie tutorial for your students to use online or with a companion CD? Creating a quick time movie of the action on your desktop is easy and allows for multiple uses, such as independent learning or instructor led presentations. You can also use them to showcase your projects and web sites. See an example.

Video can have many format as well as it can be delivered online or as part of a CD-ROM your students can work with without need to be connected to the web. No matter how you decide to use and deliver it, there some important elements to consider when you go for it:

Always script your video and consider short clips instead of long ones
Talking heads are great, but what' the primary reason to use video? interactivity? multimedia elements? fun? Content, content, content..
Producing your own videos require a great deal of work, time and coordination in order to archive great quality
Make sure you have all required permissions to shot in location and or use people's images.

Centra logo

Centra (login here) is a web conferencing tool similar to IVocalize. Umassonline has granted us a group access and currently I am working with some teams to determine how Centra can be an asset for some of our grants. Umass Boston uses Centra for all its continuous distance education courses and now ICI can also add events to host online conferences. Centra offers many features to make a web confrence the next best thing to a face to face meeting.

Slide show presentations
Whiteboard ( it's like having a virtual whiteboard that everyone can see online)
Chat (text chat other attendants and or instructors/presenters)
Application sharing (share a desktop application for everyone to see as you work with it)
File sharing (share files with other attendants and or with the presenter)
Archiving (Once the event is over, watch a movie of it)
VOIP ( use your computer to talk over the web with other attendants or or instructors/presenters)

If you would like to hold a web event or add interactivity to your WebCT experience, please contact me to set an account and or to learn more about Centra.

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