Needs We Meet

  • Is your school focused on improving literacy outcomes?
  • Do your teachers strive to include and accommodate children with different learning styles?
  • Could your paraprofessionals or instructional partners benefit from more training and support?

Early Childhood Services (ECS) can help.


Our staff facilitates professional development for early-childhood teachers and paraprofessionals: infant/toddler, preschool, Kindergarten, Grades 1–2, and out-of-school time. We coach these educators to be better able to:

  • Meet the needs of diverse children.
  • Engage families and community partners in children’s education.
  • Improve children’s language and math literacy skills.
  • Enhance communication among teachers and instructional partners to improve students’ outcomes.

Our methods are research-based and have been proven effective in improving classroom quality and student outcomes. We offer joint or differentiated professional development to teachers and instructional partners.

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