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Community outreach at ICI

Enhancing the ability of diverse ethnic, racial, and linguistic communities to develop programs for their members with disabilities is one facet of ICI's commitment to full inclusion. Over a number of years, ICI staff have built relationships with over 50 faith-based and community minority organizations, and participated in many activities to assist diverse communities to support their members with disabilities.

Partnership-building between individuals with disabilities from diverse backgrounds and their families, community organizations, disability services providers, and funding agencies.

Workshops and consultation to help minority organizations write grants and obtain funding for disability programs.

Disability awareness seminars and outreach to diverse communities about issues and services regarding disabilities, traumatic brain injury, supported employment, One-Stop Career Centers, funding options, and Social Security benefits and work incentives.

Partner organizations have included Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Haitian American Public Health Organization, Dunbar Community Center (Springfield), Martin Luther King Center, Mujeres Unidas en Accion, San Martin de Porres, Springfield Vietnamese Civic Association, and Universal Human Rights International.

Current and past projects that work with some of these organizations include Making Connections, the LEND interdisciplinary training program, Family SupportNet, and Working Connections. Learn about Working Connections, which built relationships between Mass. One-Stop Career Centers and community-based organizations.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities