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The Rehabilitation Provider's Guide to Cultures of the Foreign-Born: A series of monographs provides a primer on rehabilitation issues faced by people from the top sources of U.S. immigration.

Culture and Disability: Providing Culturally Competent Services (Dr. John H. Stone, University at Buffalo, Ed.)

"A groundbreaking work on persons with disabilities from diverse immigrant backgrounds. Providing Cultural Competent Disability Services contains concrete examples, case studies, and recommendations that will help rehabilitation practitioners in their day-to-day activities."
-- Paul Leung, Ph.D., CRC, University of North Texas


For ICI briefs on this topic, click on the "project publications" link to the right.

Cultural Brokering for Workers in Independent Living Centers (pdf format).

Disability Agencies and Cultural Communities: Working Together to Support Volunteers. Impact newsletter, 2001.

Person-Centered Planning: A Gateway to Improving Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Culturally Diverse Individuals with Disabilities. Journal of Rehabilitation, 69(3), 2003.

ICI's work has contributed to the following publications:

Outreach and People with Disabilities from Diverse Cultures: A Review of Literature

National Council on Disability. (1999, December 1). Lift Every Voice: Modernizing Disability Policies and Programs to Serve a Diverse Nation

Culturally Competent Disability Support: Putting It into Practice -- A Review of International and Australian Literature on Cultural Competence (download as a pdf file)

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities