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The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2002-2003 Report 3: Involvement of CRPs in the Ticket to Work and the Workforce Investment Act

Research to Practice 41

This Research to Practice brief examines CRP participation in the Ticket to Work and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Findings showed that CRPs were more involved in WIA than the Ticket program.

Community-Based Non-Work Services: Findings from the National Survey of Day and Employment Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities

Research to Practice 42

As community-based services for adults with developmental disabilities develop, one category remains underexplored: community-based non-work (CBNW). Findings from an ICI survey show that while CBNW is a growing part of the service mix, its definitions and requirements remain fuzzy.

Innovations in Employment Supports: Colorado's State Division of Developmental Services

Research to Practice 39

Between the years of 1985 and 1996 Colorado experienced significant growth in integrated employment for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Several factors were consistently highlighted as contributing to Colorado's employment outcomes during this period.

WIA Employment Outcomes and Trends

Data Note No. 19, 2008

WIA Employment Outcomes and Trends

SSI recipients with disabilities who work and participation in 1619b

Data Note #12

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federally funded program that provides cash assistance for basic needs. Individuals with a low-income who are over the age of 65, blind, or have a disability are eligible for assistance. SSI beneficiaries typically also receive health insurance coverage through Medicaid. Losing Medicaid benefits can be of concern for SSI recipients with disabilities who desire to work, or are currently working. Section 1619b of the Social Security Act allows individuals to work and continue to receive Medicaid assistance when their earnings are too high to qualify for SSI cash payments as long as they meet other eligibility requirements for the SSI program and continue to need Medicaid in order to work.

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