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  1. 04/2002: Family SupportNet News: Issue 4
  2. 03/2002: Final Regulations Implementing the Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program (The Ticket to Work Program)
  3. 12/2001: Developing Interagency Agreements: Four Questions to Consider
  4. 12/2001: From Stress to Success: Making Social Security Work for Your Young Adult
  5. 09/2001: Family SupportNet News: Issue 2
  6. 09/2001: The Extent of Consumer-Directed Funding by MR/DD State Agencies in Day and Employment Services
  7. 09/2001: WorkTech Solutions News, Fall 2001
  8. 08/2001: Conversion to Integrated Employment: Case Studies of Organizational Change Volume 3
  9. 08/2001: Postsecondary Education as a Critical Step Toward Meaningful Employment: Vocational Rehabilitation's Role
  10. 07/2001: Access for All: A Resource Manual for Meeting the Needs of One-Stop Customers with Disabilities
  11. 07/2001: National Day and Employment Service Trends in MR/DD Agencies
  12. 05/2001: Effective Customer Service Delivery in Employment Support: Finding a Common Ground Between Guided and Self-Directed Service Delivery
  13. 02/2001: Provisions in the Final Regulations Governing the State VR Program Describing the Interplay with WIA and TWWIIA
  14. 02/2001: Stories of Success: Using Networking and Mentoring Relationships in Career Planning for Students with Disabilities and Their Families
  15. 2001: Characteristics of Effective Employment Services: The Consumers' Perspective
  16. 2001: Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes for People with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy: An Analysis of Trends from 1985-1998
  17. 12/2000: WIA and One-Stop Centers: Opportunities and Issues for the Disability Community
  18. 12/2000: Work Status Trends for People with Mental Retardation, FY 1985 to FY 1998
  19. 11/2000: A Benefit-Cost Analysis Model for Social Service Agencies
  20. 11/2000: Time Limits, Exemption, and Disclosure: TANF Caseworkers and Clients with Disabilities

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