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The 2010–2011 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers Report 1: Overview of Services, Trends and Provider Characteristics

Research to Practice Brief - Issue No. 52, 2012


Originally published: 3/2012


This brief presents findings on people with all disabilities and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are served in employment and non-work settings by community rehabilitation providers (CRPs). This the first in a series of research to practice briefs based on the 2010–2011 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and the National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research.The last national comprehensive survey of CRPs conducted by the Institute for Community Inclusion was in 2002–2003, and also gathered data on provider services for individuals with disabilities. This brief incorporates some of those findings and compares them against the 2010–2011 survey in order to assess the state of integrated employment outcomes of people with disabilities.

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