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Supporting Employment Choices: Lessons Learned - Part I

From: The Job Training and Placement Report, November 2010, Volume 34, No.11.


little is known about the factors that influence employment-related choice-making for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

As a result, research staff from the Institute for Community Inclusion interviewed 16 individuals with IDD at four community rehabilitation providers (CRPs) throughout Massachusetts, along with their family members and employment professionals.

The goal was to understand what factors influenced employment choices, and how preferences compared with perceptions of the employment services and opportunities available.

The purpose of this article is to present the study’s major findings and practical suggestions for employment professionals.


Findings showed a collection of people and factors considered influential in employment-related decision-making for individuals with IDD. Family, school-based staff, the CRP, the job developer, and personal preferences each played a role at certain points in participants’ lives and in the decisions they made.

The role of family in the formative years:
The role of school based staff and early employment experiences:
The role of the CRP’s culture:
The role of the job developer:
The role of personal reasons for work:

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