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Press Release: New Report from ICI on Routes to Employment in US and UK - Strategies to Improve Integrated Service Delivery


Originally published: 6/2009

Contact: Quinn Barbour/Institute for Community Inclusion
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Boston, MA: In the United States and the United Kingdom there are large numbers of working age people with disabilities who are not working and claiming benefits: 10.6 million in the US and 2.64 million in the UK. In October 2008, only 34.9% of men in the US aged 16-64 with a disability were employed, compared to 79.4% of men without a disability. Only 28.4% of women with a disability were employed while 68.6% of women without a disability were employed.

In response to such discrepancies in employment between people with disabilities and those without, governments in both the US and the UK over the last decade have been improving Public Employment Services (PES) by using a “One-Stop Shopping” approach to service delivery. This new method presents customers with a single access point (physically or virtually) to public services that may be delivered by multiple agencies thereby providing more integrated service delivery while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

ICI researcher, Heike Boeltzig said, “One-Stop Career Centers in the US have been promoting the message that they are available to all, with and without disabilities, and making them more friendly and accessible places. The figures on employment of people with disabilities, though, show there is still a long way to go.”

This report has identified strategies that PES activities in both the US and the UK have used in delivering services in a way that meets the more complex employment support needs of people with disabilities within systems designed for the “universal” job seeker as well as investigating how effective these strategies are in reaching that goal.

Download the report at: http://communityinclusion.org/routes-to-employment.

The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in their communities through training, consultation, clinical and employment services, and research. ICI is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities based at the University of Massachusetts Boston and Children's Hospital Boston.


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