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Press Release: Dr. Laura Bozeman Named Director of the Regional Teacher Education Programs in Visual Impairments at UMass Boston (5/06)

National Leader Will Spearhead Unique Regional Master's Degree Programs

Originally published: 5/2006

Contact: Joshua Shea, Institute for Community Inclusion/UMass Boston
617/287-6232, joshua.shea@umb.edu

BOSTON, MA, May 19, 2006--Dr. Laura Bozeman has accepted the position of Program Director of the Regional Teacher Education Programs in Visual Impairments at UMass Boston. The position is established through the Institute for Community Inclusion's Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education (NERCVE) in conjunction with the Graduate College of Education. Dr. Bozeman will provide academic oversight and program support to the Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility M.Ed. programs.

Dr. Bozeman is nationally recognized in the field of visual impairments and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her to the UMass Boston's TVI and O&M M.Ed. programs. Dr. Bozeman is certified in Orientation and Mobility, Low Vision, and has held licensure as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. For the past four years, she has taught post-graduate level courses in the Vision Program at Massey University-Auckland, New Zealand. Dr. Bozeman received her Ph.D. in Special Education/Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities from the University of Texas at Austin and arrives at UMass Boston with 32 years of experience in the field of education and rehabilitation for individuals with visual impairments.

"The staff at the Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education is very excited to have Dr. Bozeman join our team," said Robert McCulley, Director of the Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education. "In addition to her most recent work at Massey University in New Zealand, Dr. Bozeman was instrumental in establishing the Professional Development School partnership between North Carolina Central University and the Governor Morehead School for the Blind. Her skills in establishing community partnerships will be essential to continuing our regional mission to address the critical shortage of educators of students with visual impairments and provide community-based, accessible professional development opportunities for our graduates as they enter the field."

Dr. Bozeman has taught at North Carolina Central University, served as a consultant for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, held several director-level positions at state schools for students with disabilities, and has been published in many respected publications, including the Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness. She also teaches graduate courses at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei each year, has a black belt in karate, and conducts workshops in self-defense for people with visual impairments. Laura has been recognized for her leadership as a past Chair of the O&M Division of AERBVI and currently serves as the Chair of the International Committee-AERBVI O&M Division.

"The Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Orientation and Mobility programs and the Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education are incredibly innovative," said Dr. Bozeman. "They serve such a critical regional and national need in the field of visual impairments by ensuring that students who are blind or visually impaired can receive an education from highly qualified teachers. It is truly exciting to have the opportunity to be part of the diverse and vibrant community at UMass Boston."

NERCVE is an established center within the Institute for Community Inclusion that is academically affiliated with the Graduate College of Education at UMass Boston. NERCVE is dedicated to improving the education and rehabilitation of children and adults with visual impairments through regionally accessible professional educator training, technology, and research. www.nercve.umb.edu

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