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  1. 01/2018: Press Release: Legislative Forum to Address Employment and Community Inclusion for People with Disabilities in MA
  2. 01/2016: Community-Based Supports for Adults Aging with I/DD: A Place for True Partnership
  3. 06/2015: New Hampshire’s Employment Data Collection: The Power to Transform Communication, Partnership, and Service Delivery
  4. 06/2015: Project GATE in Alabama: Creative Sequencing of Funding
  5. 06/2015: Washington’s Investment in Robust Training and Technical Assistance
  6. 04/2015: Press Release: New UMass Boston Center Focuses on Employment for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  7. 08/2014: Are Young Adults With Intellectual Disabilities Getting Work Experiences from Participating in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program?
  8. 08/2014: Job Squad, Inc. (WV): A Blog that Conveys the Importance of Community Employment
  9. 08/2014: LaunchAbility Academy Training Program (TX): On-Site Training to Improve Employment Outcomes
  10. 08/2014: Missouri: Using a Regional Technical Assistance Infrastructure to Promote Employment First
  11. 08/2014: Oregon’s Keys for Case Managers Initiative: Ensuring Case Manager Technical Capacity, Investment, and Engagement in Employment First
  12. 08/2014: Via of the Lehigh Valley (PA): Partnership with Local Schools to Provide Customized Employment
  13. 08/2014: WIA is Now WIOA: What the New Bill Means For People with Disabilities
  14. 08/2014: Wisconsin’s Community Conversations: Building a Youth Employment Coalition Through Structured Opportunities to Communicate
  15. 08/2014: Work Inc. (MA): Using Data to Track Job Development Activities During Organizational Change
  16. 07/2014: Trends in Employment Outcomes of Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2004–2012
  17. 02/2014: Vocational Rehabilitation Closure Trends for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A Snapshot of Five U.S. Territories
  18. 12/2013: Employment Trends of Young Adults with Cognitive Disabilities: 2004–2011
  19. 12/2013: The Institute for Community Inclusion to Partner with the Duskin Ainowa Foundation in Japan
  20. 12/2013: The Institute for Community Inclusion to Partner with the Duskin Ainowa Foundation in Japan

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