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Are Young Adults With Intellectual Disabilities Getting Work Experiences from Participating in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program? 8/2014

WIA is Now WIOA: What the New Bill Means For People with Disabilities 8/2014

Able Opportunities and the Work Independence Network (WA): Creating an Individual Placement Model Focusing on the Needs of Both Job Seekers and Employers 0/0

State Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies' Service Trends 4/2012

Increasing Placement Through Professional Networking 7/2007

Vocational Rehabilitation Closure Trends for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A Snapshot of Five U.S. Territories 2/2014

Going To Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for Young People with Disabilities (2011 Edition) 0/0

Employment Trends of Young Adults with Cognitive Disabilities: 2004–2011 12/2013

Trends in Employment Outcomes of Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2004–2011 0/0

The Institute for Community Inclusion to Partner with the Duskin Ainowa Foundation in Japan 0/0

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