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  1. 03/2011: Employment Data Systems : New Hampshire's Bureau of Developmental Services
  2. 03/2011: Employment Data Systems : Washington State's Division of Developmental Disabilities
  3. 03/2011: Examining Collaboration between State Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Agencies and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
  4. 01/2011: Iowa's Governance Group: Facilitating Partnerships That Support Integrated Employment
  5. 01/2011: Nevada's Regional Forums: Creating a Shared Responsibility for Improving Employment
  6. 01/2011: Oregon's Employment Support Website: Communicating the Employment First Policy
  7. 01/2011: State Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies' Service Trends
  8. 12/2010: Vocational Rehabilitation Services Received by Youth with Autism: Are they Associated with an Employment Outcome?
  9. 10/2010: Maryland: Collaborating to Promote Self-Employment for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
  10. 10/2010: Michigan's Job Development Incentive
  11. 09/2010: Measuring the Outcomes of Job Seekers with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program
  12. 02/2010: Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Outcomes for Transition-age Youth with Autism and Other Disabilities
  13. 01/2010: Massachusetts: Using a Collaborative, Person-Centered Planning Approach to Facilitate Community Employment
  14. 12/2009: Supporting Siblings of Explosive Children
  15. 11/2009: Job Seekers with Disabilities at One-Stop Career Centers: An Examination of Registration for Wagner-Peyser Funded Employment Services from 2002 to 2007
  16. 09/2009: Kerry, Lynch, Tierney Announce UMASS Boston to Receive $3.7 Million for Early Childhood Education Programs in Lynn
  17. 07/2009: Connecticut Showcases Creative Jobs with "Employment Idol"
  18. 07/2009: Mandatory Situational Assessments in Tennessee
  19. 07/2009: North Carolina: Using an Outcomes-based Long Term Vocational Services Funding Model
  20. 07/2009: Pennsylvania’s Employment Newsletter: A Communication Strategy to Promote Employment

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