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  1. 06/2012: Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Outcomes for Transition-Age Youth with Intellectual Disabilities
  2. 05/2012: StateData: The National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes
  3. 04/2012: Effective Training for Employment Consultants: Job Development and Support Strategies
  4. 04/2012: State Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies' Service Trends
  5. 03/2012: State Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies' Service Trends
  6. 03/2012: The 2010–2011 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers Report 1: Overview of Services, Trends and Provider Characteristics
  7. 02/2012: VR Outcome Trends and the Recent Decline in Employment for VR Customers with Intellectual Disabilities
  8. 12/2011: Improving Job Development Through Training and Mentorship
  9. 12/2011: SSI Recipients Who Work
  10. 11/2011: Decline in the Provision of Facility-Based Work Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  11. 09/2011: Press Release: Ashley Wolfe Receives the 2011 Research in Action Award
  12. 09/2011: Setting Higher Employment Expectations for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities
  13. 07/2011: State Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies' Funding for Employment Services
  14. 06/2011: Job Seekers with Disabilities at One-Stop Career Centers: An Examination of Registration for Wagner-Peyser Funded Employment Services,2002 to 2009
  15. 06/2011: The Influence of Families on the Employment Process
  16. 06/2011: The Power of Friendship
  17. 05/2011: New Hampshire: Translating Research into a Position Statement About Integrated Employment
  18. 04/2011: Collaboration between State Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Agencies and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies: Results of a National Survey
  19. 04/2011: Students with Autism: Setting Higher Expectations for Postsecondary Education
  20. 03/2011: Employment Data Systems : Florida's Agency for Persons with Disabilities

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