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  1. A Description of the Workforce Investment Act from a Disability Policy Perspective
  2. A Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship Between the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF) and the Federal Disability Policy Framework
  3. A Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship Between the Workforce Investment Act and the Federal Disability Policy Framework
  4. Able Opportunities and the Work Independence Network (WA): Creating an Individual Placement Model Focusing on the Needs of Both Job Seekers and Employers
  5. Beyond Demographics: Strategic Responses to the Changing Workforce
  6. Brochure and information on where to participate in adaptive action sports in New England
  7. Colorado's Ad Hoc Committee on Employment and Community Participation
  8. Community employment training by and for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Tennessee
  9. Community Rehabilitation Programs and Organizational Change: A Mentor Guide to Increase Customized Employment Outcomes
  10. Delaware's Early Start to Supported Employment Pilot Project
  11. End-of-Life Care for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  12. Facts on employment and disability
  13. Going To Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for Young People with Disabilities (2011 Edition)
  14. KFI in Maine: Making Mission-Driven Choices About Funding and Service Innovation
  15. LCS in WI: An Organizational Investment in Capacity-Building and Staff Training
  16. Lending Works from Progressive Employment Concepts (CA): Helping Business Owners Find Start-Up Capital
  17. Maine's Peer- Support Training: Helping People with ID/DD Transition Out of Sheltered Workshops
  18. More Like a Dance: Whole Life Planning for People with Disabilities
  19. Negotiating the Landscape: The Path to Employment for Individuals with Disabilities in the TANF System
  20. New England Business Associates (MA): Everyone is Job-Ready

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