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  1. 09/1997: Unrealized Potential: Differing Outcomes for Individuals with Mental Retardation and Other Disability Groups
  2. 06/1997: Necesidades Laborales de Individuos con VIH/SIDA
  3. 05/1997: Necesidades Laborales de Individuos con VIH/SIDA: Proveedores de Servicios Opinan
  4. 02/1997: Responding to the Needs of Youth with Disabilities Who Are Runaway or Homeless
  5. 01/1997: Children and Youth Assisted by Medical Technology in Educational Settings: Guidelines for Care, Second Edition (Project School Care)
  6. 08/1996: Trends in Supported Employment: The Experiences of 94 Community Rehabilitation Service Providers from 1986 - 1991
  7. 06/1996: Multiple Perspectives on Implementing the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1992
  8. 05/1996: Shared Responsibility: Job Search Practices from the Consumer and Staff Perspective
  9. 01/1996: Moving On: Planning for the Future
  10. 1996: Building Community Connections: Designing a Future That Works
  11. 1996: Doing It Better: Better Practices in Employment for a State/County Department of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities
  12. 1996: Managing Employment with Care: Better Practices in Employment for a State/County Department of Mental Health
  13. 1996: National Study of Day and Vocational Services for Adults with Disabilities in State Mental Health Agencies: Report of Data from FY 1993
  14. 08/1995: Consumer and Family Perspectives on the Meaning of Work
  15. 01/1995: Facilitating Workplace Supports
  16. 01/1995: Utilizing All Your Resources: Individuals with and Without Disabilities Volunteering Together
  17. 01/1994: Employment Advisory Boards: The Ultimate Community Resource
  18. 09/99: kjlkj
  19. 09/9: Patterns of State, County, and Local ID/DD Funding Allocation
  20. "Dispelling Myths About the Americans with Disabilities Act"

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