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  1. 11/2013: Shifts in VR Outcome Trends for VR Customers With and Without Intellectual Disabilities
  2. 08/2013: Support through Mentorship: Accessible Supervision of Employees with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  3. 05/2013: Press Release: New Online Resource Trains Hospital Staff on Disability Inclusion
  4. 05/2013: State Trends in the Vocational Rehabilitation Engagement of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: 2002-2011
  5. 05/2013: The 2010-2011 National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers: 
Estimating the Number of Community Rehabilitation Providers in the United States
  6. 04/2013: Case Studies of Emerging/ Innovative Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Practices in Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities
  7. 04/2013: Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Helping People With Psychiatric Disabilities Get Employed: How Far Have We Come? How Far Do We Have to Go?
  8. 03/2013: Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker to Partner with National Down Syndrome Society and the ICI on "My Great Story" Video Project
  9. 02/2013: People Served in Community Mental Health Programs and Employment
  10. 02/2013: Press Release: Participants of the Learning Collaborative on Vocational Rehabilitation Management
  11. 02/2013: Prevalence of Youth with Autism Who Received Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  12. 01/2013: Funding Health-Related VR Services: The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Use of Private Health Insurance and Medicaid to Pay for Health-Related VR Services
  13. 12/2012: Press Release: ICI Wins New Research Grant
  14. 12/2012: Press Release: UMass Boston Announces New Graduate School
  15. 12/2012: What Are the Trends in Employment Outcomes of Youth with Autism:
  16. 11/2012: Growth in Community-based Non-work
  17. 10/2012: Indicators for Improving Educational, Employment, and Economic Outcomes for Youth and Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  18. 10/2012: Working in the Community: the Status and Outcomes of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Integrated Employment - an update
  19. 09/2012: What Are the Employment Experiences of Youth with Autism After High School?
  20. 07/2012: Description of Supported Employment Practices, Cross-System Partnerships, and Funding Models of Four Types of State Agencies and Community Rehabilitation Providers

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